09 November 2020

State of Play ASEM Education Strategy 2030

State of Play ASEM Education Strategy 2030

During the seventh ASEM Education Minister’s Meeting (ASEMME7) last year in Bucharest, the Ministers took the initiative to develop an ASEM Education Strategy for the next decade. The ASEM Education Strategy 2030 aims to provide a common long-term strategy for the ASEM Education Process for enhanced connectivity between Asia and Europe, as well as a framework for developing and implementing initiatives and projects. The Strategy 2030 will also be used to increase visibility and strengthening commitment of ASEM Education partners and stakeholders.

State of Play of the drafting process

In February 2020, the first version prepared by the AES and the Drafting Committee was circulated to the members of the Standing Working Group to allow them to provide input and share their feedback. In March-April 2020, the AES and Drafting Committee adapted this first draft in order to take into account the Standing Working Group’s comments and suggestions, thereby defining the first outline of the ASEM Education Process (AEP)’s strategic objectives and strategies for the next decade. In June 2020, this second draft was reviewed once again by the members of the Standing Working Group. Based on their input and comments, the AES and the Drafting Committee have amended the Strategy Document. This version has been circulated at the end of October to all partners and stakeholders, who were asked to provide feedback by 30 November 2020.

Presentation webinar of the Draft Strategy 2030

During a webinar on the 29th of October, the ASEM Education Secretariat provided an overview of the content of the ASEM Education Strategy 2030. The overview of the current draft version of the strategy has been summarized by the following infographic (click on it to enlarge).

Next Steps

Once all partners and stakeholders have provided some feedback (deadline for feedback: 30 November), the Drafting Committee and the AES will update the Strategy Paper accordingly.  During January and February, the AES will organise 4 participatory workshops open to all partners and stakeholders in order to develop the 2030 Action Plan. In the following months, the Action Plan will be further completed by input from partners and stakeholders. During SOM1 hosted by Germany (September 2021), the Strategy Paper and Action Plan will be finalized to be endorsed by ministers during ASEMME8 hosted by Thailand (tentative date: December 2021).


ASEM Education Strategy 2030 Draft October 2020

Presentation Draft Vision, Mission & Strategy 2030 OCTOBER 2020