ASEM Education Compendium of Country Profiles

The ASEM Education Compendium for Higher Education provides a comprehensive overview of the multiple academic systems of the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) partner countries, with the aim to improve transparency on the diverse educational landscape of the ASEM Education Process and to establish a valid source of reference for higher education institutions. More information on the Compendium can be found here.

Please consult the Glossary for further information on terminology.

A video showing instruction on how to use the Compendium is available here. For the countries who would like to update or compile their country profile, please consult the Guidelines for Contributors.

Similar and useful country profiles of (higher education) systems of part of the ASEM countries can be consulted on the ENIC-NARIC website (Network of National Recognition Information Centres in Europe, North America and Oceania), the APNNIC website (Asia-Pacific Network of National Information Centres), the website of the EHEA (European Higher Education Area), and the IAU WHED website (International Association of Universities – World Higher Education Database).

Countries willing to fill-out or update their country profile can find here the ASEM Compendium Guide for Contributors  and an empty Template.