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Last edited on 29/03/2021

1.    Welcome

We are asem-education, a [legal form], established at Koning Albert II-laan 15 1210 Brussels, Belgium, with company number [KBO n°].

This Cookie Policy explains what information we can collect through our website based on cookies and how we use it to improve our services.

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2.    Cookies

A “cookie” is a small data file that is temporarily placed on your computer or mobile device by an internet page when you visit a website. A cookie allows us to identify the device with which you visit our website, without giving us access to your own personal data.

Cookies can be easily removed via the settings of your browser. You can also set your browser in such a way that cookies are always refused. However, this may impede the use of our website or make access to certain functionalities impossible.

Types of cookies

2.1. Functional

These technical cookies can serve to make our website function properly. They have the advantage that the same information or settings do not have to be entered or loaded each time you visit our website:

2.2. Analytical

Based on these cookies, we can make a general analysis of the use of our website. In this way, we obtain an insight into how our internet pages are visited, how often and for how long, via anonymous statistics. This allows us to improve and optimize our website based on this information: