02 July 2021

ETF Survey on Micro-credentials

ETF has just launched its first survey on Micro-credentials.

Micro-credentials are quickly gaining interest. They are seen as instrumental in supporting upskilling and reskilling in response to the rapid transformation in labour markets. Emerging jobs will require new skills, and for such a transition people will need to keep up-to-date and make their learning more adapted to individual needs. Small micro-credentials can be part of the solution.

This ETF survey is designed with the aim to collect information on current understanding, acceptance and the use of micro-credentials by different types of stakeholders (learners, education and training providers, professional associations, civil society organisations, social partners and other business membership organisations), and their recognition by authorities and employers.

Link to survey: https://ec.europa.eu/eusurvey/runner/ETFMicrocredentialSurvey2021

Further information can be found on the ETF Open Space:

The survey will be open until 5 July. It will take you 15-20 min to fill in. You can contact Anatolii.Garmash@etf.europa.eu if you have any questions about the survey.