15 December 2021

ASEM Education Stocktaking Report 2021 “From Bucharest to Bangkok”

ASEM Education Stocktaking Report 2021 “From Bucharest to Bangkok”

The ASEM Education Secretariat is proud to present its 2021 Stocktaking Report “From Bucharest to Bangkok”

The ASEM Education Stocktaking Report looks at progress of partners’ and stakeholders’ activities made in the past two years. For this year’s edition, partners and stakeholders were asked to provide an update on the activities and progress made on the projects mentioned in the Chair’s Conclusions of ASEMME7, which was held in May 2019 in Bucharest.

Partners and stakeholders were asked to focus on highlights of their activities, the added value of their initiatives in the ASEM Education Process, as well as possible challenges encountered and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on their activities. Projects’ coordinators were also asked by the ASEM Education Secretariat to provide some visual material, such as charts, pictures or testimonials from beneficiaries to illustrate their work and activities.

This Stocktaking Report has been designed as communication material to be used both within and outside of the ASEM community as it provides a good overview of on-going, new and future initiatives in the ASEM Education portfolio. We hope that you will use this Stocktaking Report to raise awareness about these projects, to increase the visibility of Asia-Europe collaboration and maybe that it will even help you identify synergies or possible new partnerships.

The Stocktaking Report starts with a few introductory words from the Secretariat and includes a chapter dedicated to the ASEM Education Strategy and Action Plan 2030, a chapter on on-going ASEM Education projects and initiatives, followed by one on new and future activities, an analytical chapter devoted to reflections of some our experts on the past two years and on future perspectives for collaboration within the ASEM Education Process. Finally, as always, the last chapter focusses on conclusions and recommendations for the future.

The first chapter is devoted to the ASEM Education Strategy and Action Plan for the next decade as they are one of the biggest achievements of the past two years. This chapter comes back on some of the context that led to the drafting of a common long-term vision, provides a short summary of the drafting process, as well as an overview of the main elements of content.

In the Chapter about on-going projects, we have initiatives and projects led by ASEF, the Asia Europe-Institute, the ASEM Duo-Fellowship Programme, the ASEM LLL Hub and its Research Networks, a presentation of the ASEM Compendium for higher education, a progress report from the ASEM EG on Digitalisation, a Presentation of the ASEM Work Placement Programme, of the ASEM WG on the Bridging Declaration and of relevant projects under the Erasmus+ Programme, as well initiatives led by the European Training Foundation, the EU-SHARE Programme, the International Association of Universities and by UNESCO

In the Chapter on new and future ASEM Education Initiatives the following projects are presented: the Collaborative Online International Learning Pilot Project led by the Asia-Europe Institute Universiti Malaya and the Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences, the ARISE project managed by the Erasmus Student Network, the European Foundation Skills Lab and Network for Excellence, the Global LLL Summit organised by the Institute for Adult Learning in Singapore, the International Association of Universities’ global survey on internationalization of higher education and its capacity building workshops, a presentation of the two new Research Networks of the ASEM LLL Hub, RN5 and 6, dedicated respectively to Lifelong learning transitions and Learning cities and regions, the SEA-EU Mobility Programme for Sustainable Development coordinated by SEAMEO RIHED and EU SHARE and finally, the Bridging Innovation and Learning in TVET (BILT) project managed by UNEVOC.

Most articles include hypertext links so that the interested reader can learn more about the initiative presented and get in touch, if relevant, with the project coordinator.

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