11 July 2019

ASEM-DUO India Fellowship Program 2020 (Professors) call for applications

ASEM-DUO India Fellowship Program 2020 (Professors) call for applications

The ASEM DUO-India Fellowship Programme has been recently established with the aim of promoting exchange of people between India and European countries on a balanced and permanent basis. DUO-India aims to fund every year, 50 Professor-pairs for exchanges for one month, starting from 2020 onwards aiming to provide mobility between Indian and European institutes. In this respect, DUO-India requires that a PAIR (two persons) of students be exchanged, and they should be from any of the collaborating institute (both Indian and European) under SPARC projects.

For this program, only such institutes which are part of the Joint Research Projects under Scheme for Promotion of Academic and Research Collaboration (SPARC) are eligible to participate. The list of eligible institutes (both Indian & European) can be seen in https://sparc.iitkgp.ac.in/. As of now, 14 European countries namely Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and UK are part of SPARC programme.


Applicants must be members of the academic or scientific staff of institutes coming under the “SPARC” collaboration (i.e. they must be remunerated by the Higher Educational Institutes and it must be their main occupation).

However, the following groups are NOT entitled for a fellowship:

  • Students and PhD students;
  • Professors emeritus, honorary professors;
  • Teaching assistants.

Exemptions are possible for the colleges of arts. The selection committee will assess on a case-by-case basis.


  1. The Indian institute (Home institute) will select an Indian national professor of the Home institute to send to the European institute (Host institute), and such selection has been accepted by the Host institute;
  1. The same Host institute will select an EU citizen professor of the Host institute to be sent to the Home institute, and such selection has been accepted by the Home

N.B.: All applicants shall maintain their position at the time of application until the time they are engaged in exchanges.

The exchange is done by pairs– one professor from Indian HEI is hosted by a European institutes and vice versa.

The exchange must necessarily take place between the two same institutesbut does not need to take place in the same time spannor between two identical departments.

Duration and Fellowship

DUO-India 2020 is for exchange of professors between January and December 2020. The selection of DUO-India would be made only once a year. In this respect, those who are planning to exchange in 2020 shall apply for DUO-India 2020 within the timelines specified below.The duration of exchange should be at least one month. If an exchange period is longer than 1 month, fellowship will be given for 1 month and if an exchange period is less than 1 month (should not be shorter than 3 weeks), the fellowship will be adjusted on a pro-rata basis.

Application Period

Applications will be accepted from July 15 to September 30, 2019 local Indian time. Applications submitted after September 30, 2019 will not be accepted.

  • For detailed application and selection procedure and for further information, please visit the ASEM-DUO website