29 June 2018

Open Call: ASEF Summer University 22 (#ASEFSU22)

Open Call: ASEF Summer University 22 (#ASEFSU22)

The ASEF Summer University (ASEFSU) is a 2-week experiential learning journey and “Interdisciplinary Innovathon” for Asian and European students & young professionals. Designed to foster cross-cultural exchanges and networks among youth, it will offer the opportunity to broaden young people’s horizons, deepen their knowledge on contemporary issues, and propose concrete solutions to societal challenges.

ASEFSU22 will be conducted under the theme “Sustainable Tourism: Youth Driving Green Growth” and it consists of a mix of practical team exercises, thought-provoking lectures, group research and experiential learning. Particiapnts will be given the opportunity to learn and share their knowledge on sustainable tourism and green economies through a local “Innovathon” and Challenge Hub.

ASEFSU22 will focus on the 3 Dimensions of Sustainable Development:

  • Economic, including Sustainable Transport, Youth Employment, and Sustainable Consumption & Production
  • Social, including Cultural Heritage, Inclusion, and Interactions with Locals
  • Environmental, including Water & Waste Management, Renewable Energy, and Technology

Consisting of members from diverse backgrounds and experiences, the ASEFSU22 Challenge Teams will tackle real obstacles to sustainable tourism in a practical and engaging way. These challenges have been identified in cooperation with local Challenge Partners and the proposed solutions you and your team mates will present will be put to test and made available for the benefit of all ASEM societies.

The ASEFSU22 consists of 3 phases: an online prepartory phase (4 weeks), a 2 weeks programme in Croatia and Slovenia from 12-23 September and an online post-project including spin-off activities. A call for participation is open until the 4th of July.

More information and documents can be found on the ASEF website.