03 November 2020

The ASEM Compendium for Higher Education is Online

The ASEM Compendium for Higher Education is Online

The ASEM Education Compendium for Higher Education is now online. This tool developed by the ASEM Expert Group on Interregional Credit Transfer Mechanisms and Learning Outcome Systems and the ASEM Education Secretariat provides a comprehensive overview of the multiple academic systems of the ASEM partner countries.

The tool shall help staff and educators from academic institutions, located in ASEM member states, to compare the various academic systems and to find helpful information needed for co-operations with higher education institutions.

The aim of the ASEM Education Compendium is to improve transparency on the diverse educational landscape of the ASEM Education Process and to establish a valid source of reference for higher education institutions.


Please bear in mind that only country contributions which have been peer-reviewed by the Expert Group are currently online. If your country is displayed in grey on the Compendium homepage, it means that no contribution has been submitted on behalf on your country yet or that your input is currently undergoing the revision procedure. Please contact the ASEM Education Secretariat for more information.