29 October 2020

ASEM Lifelong Learning Hub 5-year Framework Developed during Online ASEM LLL Hub Forum

ASEM Lifelong Learning Hub 5-year Framework Developed during Online ASEM LLL Hub Forum

The University College of Cork hosted its first Lifelong Learning Hub Virtual Forum on 13-15 October 2020 titled “Future Directions of Lifelong Learning: Creating a Vision for Lifelong Learning Research for Policy & Practice in Asia & Europe”.

This kick-off event organized by the Irish ASEM Lifelong Learning Hub Secretariat served to develop a five-year framework. Over 100 researchers, stakeholders and policy makers from Asia and Europe participated in this three-day online event featuring presentations of the 6 Research Networks, good practices in lifelong learning, as well as discussions on the thematic focus and objectives of the Research Networks for the upcoming 5 years.

The Forum led to the formulation and adoption of a Framework for Lifelong Learning Research in the ASEM Region for the period 2020-2025. This framework describes the Hub’s mission, structure and organisation and includes a statement of intent, as well as an outline of the common research agenda for the 6 Research Networks:

  • Research Network 1: “e-ASEM (Digital Learning Management Systems, Techno-pedagogical Skills and Knowledge Network Communities in Lifelong Learning)
  • Research Network 2: “Workplace Learning”
  • Research Network 3: “Professionalisation of Adult Teachers and Educators in ASEM Countries”
  • Research Network 4: “National Strategies for Lifelong Learning”
  • Research Network 5: “Lifelong Learning Transitions” (new)
  • Research Network 6: “Learning Cities and Learning Regions” (new)

Each research network will develop an operational plan for a three-year period starting from January 2021.

All research networks are open to new researchers. Researchers interested in joining one of the networks can contact the ASEM LLL Hub Secretariat at asemlllhub@ucc.ie .

The ASEM Education Secretariat encourages partners and stakeholders to promote the participation in the Lifelong Learning Hub within their own networks, higher education institutions and stakeholder organizations as the LLL Hub aims for a diverse and equal representation of the ASEM regions and partner countries.


For more information on the ASEM Lifelong Learning Hub, consult the ASEM LLL Hub website or read our article describing the initiative.

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Download the five-year framework.