26 June 2020

ASEF Annual Report 2019 published

ASEF Annual Report 2019 published

ASEF’s annual report has just been published. The chapter dedicated to education (pages 17 to 25) details all education-related projects for the year 2019. It consists of three strands:

  • Education policy
  • Young leaders
  • Teaching and learning

The publication provides key results for the following projects:

  • 7th ASEF Rectors’ Conference and Students’ Forum (ARC7)
  • ASEF Capacity Building Training on Equitable Access to Higher Education
  • ASEF Support to the World Education Leadership Symposium 2019 (WELS)
  • Model ASEM Mediators Training 2019
  • Model ASEM Spin-off Edition 2019
  • 9th Model ASEM (ModelASEM9)
  • 15th ASEF ClassNet Conference (ASEFClassNet15)

For more infomation consult: https://www.asef.org

Read the report here