03 April 2020

Call for good practices!

Call for good practices!

Good practices on equitable access to distance and online education

Following the COVID-19 unprecedented global sanitary crisis and resulting exceptional restrictive measures, the ASEM Education Secretariat (AES) feels it is more important than ever to share knowledge, expertise and good practices. The ASEM Education Process is in a unique position to contribute to a global community of practice.

Therefore, the AES would like to showcase and disseminate interesting national endeavours and innovative approaches from universities, schools, teachers and educators focusing on inclusive distance education and e-learning. As outlined in this article  it is of utmost importance to pay special attention to equity in access to distance learning modalities during these challenging times.

Pioneering and creative initiatives could not only be used as sources of inspiration by other countries, but also have the potential to foster the development of digital and virtual education and mobility projects, thereby making a lasting contribution to the promotion of equitable quality education and lifelong learning opportunities for all.

Call to contribute and share

Consequently, the AES wishes to call upon you, ASEM partners and stakeholders, to share with us national measures and initiatives implemented by teachers, schools and universities to avoid excluding disadvantaged students from online and distance education programmes during the coronavirus crisis.

As Belgium currently holds the AES mandate, the AES would like to act as a role model and highlight some good practices from Belgian actors in a short article that will be published shortly. It is our sincerest hope that we will be able to share with you valuable contributions coming from other countries in the near future.

Strength lies in unity

As we say in Belgium, “Strength lies in unity”. Let us learn from common challenges and experiences so that we emerge stronger from this ordeal. The ASEM Education Secretariat wishes you a lot courage and strength to overcome together this unprecedented crisis!

Stay safe and healthy!


Should you wish to contribute, please fill in and/or share this form. Please bear in mind that this questionnaire is solely intended for education professionals and experts. Private individuals wishing to share community-based or local initiatives can email the ASEM Education Secretariat using the following email address info@asem-education.org