01 April 2020

A Message from ASEF’s Education Department

A Message from ASEF’s Education Department

The Education Department of ASEF has reached out to all its partners, alumni and friends with words of encouragement and solidarity in our common struggle of the COVID-19 crisis.

In this message ASEF has stated that the safety of their participants is of utmost importance to them and, hence, their upcoming projects and meetings are on hold. In this situation where personal, close interactions are unfeasible, ASEF would like to activate their networks that were created over the past years. These are long-lasting, unbound by location and, together, ASEF can mobilise them to strengthen community support – even though this might now happen virtually.

Many initiatives by government stakeholders, partner organisations and ASEFEdu alumni in the education, youth and other sectors across Asia and Europe give us hope for the future. They show that our societies can rely and depend on each other despite social distancing and border closures.

Read the full message from ASEF’s Education Department.