Workshop 1 Action Plan 2030: Transparency and Mutual Understanding on Recognition, Validation and Quality

4 Workshops to Collect Input and Develop the Action Plan 2030

ASEM partners and stakeholders are currently drafting an ASEM Education 2030 Strategy to be endorsed by the Education Ministers during ASEMME8. In addition to the strategy paper, they will also present an Action Plan 2030 with concrete actions to implement the Strategy 2030.

For this purpose, the ASEM Education Secretariat is hosting 4 online workshops for all ASEM partners and stakeholders to discuss and shape actions, initiatives, projects and activities to be included in the Action Plan. The workshops will be a combination of experts contributions and interactive brainstorming sessions under 4 different themes reflecting the four strategic objectives identified in the Strategy 2030:

  1. Transparency and Mutual Understanding on Recognition, Validation and Quality
  2. Connectivity between Asia and Europe by Boosting Inclusive and Balanced Mobility and Exchanges
  3. Transversal Skills
  4. Lifelong Learning (LLL), Including Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET)

Workshop 1: “Transparency and Mutual Understanding on Recognition, Validation and Quality”

The first virtual workshop will take place on 19 January 2021 from 9.30 to 12.30 CET.

For this workshop, the ASEM Education Secretariat has invited external and ASEM Education experts to provide insights into and updates on current evolutions related to recognition, validation and quality assurance in education, both at global level and within the ASEM Education context.

One of the core aims of the ASEM Education process is to support and advanced interregional cooperation and exchange but also to promote the lifelong learning paradigm of education. Therefore, ASEM Education partners and stakeholders will further contribute to foster transparency on quality assurance systems, learning outcomes, credit systems, recognition and validation mechanisms, as well as qualifications frameworks of the two regions.

Based on the experts’ inputs during this first workshop, ASEM partners and stakeholders will seek to identify future actions and projects to achieve this aim. They will strive to further develop existing ASEM Education initiatives and make use of relevant global and regional tools & platforms involving multilateral stakeholders in the field of education.


Borhene Chakroun ( Director of Policies and Lifelong Learning Systems Division at UNESCO-HQ)

Mr. Chakroun will give us better insights into the work and future plans related to the Global Convention on Recognition of Qualifications and World Reference Levels of Learning Outcomes, as well as a an introduction on digital credentialing.

Panel of Experts

A panel of experts with complementary fields of expertise will reflect upon the role the ASEM Education Process can & should play in creating more transparency and mutual understanding on recognition, validation & quality assurance and present the state of play and future perspectives of the programmes and initiatives they are involved in.

  • Darren McDermot (Team Leader Designate EU-SHARE)
  • Herman de Leeuw (Member ASEM Expert Group Digitalisation, Groningen Declaration Network)
  • Cloud Bai-Yun (ASEM Working Group on the Bridging Declaration, UK Naric)
  • Magalie Soenen (Chair ASEM Expert Group on Interregional Credit Transfer Mechanisms and Learning Outcomes Systems, Senior Policy Advisor Higher Education)

This panel discussion will be moderated by Thérèse Zhang from the European University Association (EUA). Speakers’ biographies can be downloaded here.

Brainstorming sessions in small groups

The final part of each workshop will be dedicated to interactive discussions in virtual break-out rooms to allow partners and stakeholders to examine existing initiatives and projects, suggest new ones and discuss relaunching or revitalising former activities.


Please note that access to this event is restricted to current and potential ASEM Education partners and stakeholders. If you fall under one these categories and have not received an invitation with registration information yet, please contact the ASEM Education Secretariat at . The recording of the events (minus brainstorming sessions) will, however, be available to all interested parties and will be shared on our communication channels a few days after each event.


Date 19/01/2021
Time 09:30 - 12:30
Location ONLINE


  • 09.30 – 09.40 Welcome – ASEM Education Secretariat
  • 09.40 – 10.10 Keynote – Borhene Chakroun (Director, Division for Policies and Lifelong Learning Systems, UNESCO Education Sector)
  • 10.10 – 11.30 Panel Discussion moderated by Thérèse Zhang (Deputy Director for Higher Education Policy, EUA)
    • Darren McDermott – Team Leader Designate EU-SHARE
    • Herman De Leeuw – Member ASEM Expert Group Digitalisation; Groningen Declaration Network
    • Cloud Bai-Yun – ASEM Working Group on the Bridging Declaration; UK NARIC
    • Magalie Soenen – Chair ASEM Expert Group on Interregional Credit Transfer Mechanisms and Learning Outcomes Systems
  • 11.30 – 11.45 Coffee break
  • 11.45 – 12.15 Interactive brainstorming sessions in small groups moderated by Alexandra Angress (Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences), Sebastian Gries (Senior Project Manager, Regional Office Jakarta DAAD) and Thérèse Zhang (Deputy Director for Higher Education Policy, EUA)
  • 12.15 – 12.30 Wrap-up