Celebrating ASEM DAY: 1st March!


On 1st March, we celebrate the importance of connecting the two continents, Asia and Europe, based on the principles of equal partnership and mutual respect. ASEM focuses on global issues, fostering synergies among 53 partners. It provides a platform for high-level meetings and promotes people-to-people contacts.

Since 1 March 2017, ASEM Day has been observed to commemorate the birth of this international organisation that came into being between 1st-2nd March 1996, with the first ASEM Summit held in Bangkok, Thailand.

ASEM covers a wide range of topics of common interest to Asia and Europe, such as globalisation, trade, foreign affairs, climate change, and education. Therefore, ASEM devotes equal attention to political, economic and socio-cultural dimensions. During ASEM Day, synergies to the overarching ASEM political process are explored and promoted among its 53 partners (21 countries from Asia and 30 countries from Europe, plus two institutional partners, that of the European Union and the ASEAN Secretariat).

On the one hand, ASEM provides a platform for high-level meetings of Heads of State and Government, Ministers and Senior Officials. On the other hand, it also fosters people-to-people contacts between the two regions, such as exchanges between civil society representatives, youth representatives, experts is various domains. 

Although there is no Secretariat for the organisation as a whole, in 2009 the ASEM Education Secretariat was established to coordinate the dynamics taking place in the educational pillar and steer the ASEM Education Process.

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Date 01/03/2024
Time All Day