ASEM Technical and Vocational Education and Training Seminar, Latvia

Latvia is organizing the forthcoming ASEM seminar on Technical and Vocational Education and Training. The goal is to exchange the best practices on TVET policies in ASEM countries through dialogue, specifically focusing on presenting examples of involvement of industry in TVET planning, education and training process, skills development and international cooperation.

  • Participants: Representatives from all ASEM countries representing ministries, agencies, or stakeholder organizations.
  • Expected results: Exchange of practices between participants of the seminar from European and Asian countries on topical matters related to the TVET developments in policy planning and methodology areas.
  • For further information please contact Valda AKMENTINA, STATE EDUCATION DEVELOPMENT AGENCY, Valnu street 1, Riga, LV-1050, LATVIA, Tel.: +371 67358441, Email: [email protected]
  • Practical considerations: Latvian counterparts will cover venue costs, meals and local transport to the sites in the agenda and a city tour, while flights, hotel costs,