ASEM Members attended the ISOM in Malta


We are glad to have organised the first Intermediate Senior Officials Meeting (ISOM) as Italian presidency of the ASEM Education Secretariat (AES) in collaboration with Malta Further & Higher Education Authority.

The event was held in the welcoming St Julian’s, Malta and it gathered ASEM delegates coming from Europe and Asia. On November 24th and 25th experts from Ministers of Education and Stakeholders have contributed to enriching the ASEM Education Process ( AEP) by sharing their knowledge and expertise. ISOM Participants were involved in three dynamic workshops focused on LLL, SDGs, Ethics and Transparency. During this interregional meeting the Work Plan structure was approved and new Expert Groups were established jointly. This ISOM was a great occasion for ASEM Members to meet each other in person after COVID pandemic, feel the synergies and build even stronger ties between them.

The AES would like to express its gratitude to Dr. Rose Anne Cuschieri and all her Staff for hosting the event, and thanks to all the participants for making this ISOM dynamic and fruitful!


Date 26/11/2022
Time All Day