ASEM Higher Education enfaces the Next Decade: fostering cooperation, strengthening ties

The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) organized the ASEM Higher Education Enfaces the Next Decade: Fostering Cooperation – Strengthening Ties on 5 October 2017 in Hamburg, Germany. The meeting aimed to strengthening the intercontinental cooperation between Europe and Asia. Theconference highlighted the characteristics of the ASEM Education Process, its impact and instrument. The discussion focussed on the experiences and perspectives of German Higher Education Institutions.

Back to back with the ASEM Higher Education Conference, the ASEM Task Force Meeting was held on 6 October 2017 in Hamburg, Germany. The meeting followed up Germany’s proposal on establishing the ASEM Task Force during the Intermediate Senior Officials’ Meeting in Moscow 2016 which aims to fostering transparency, strengthening the visibility of the process, improving effectiveness without creating additional structure or bodies. Therefore the task force ends to increase the internal and external communication including additional exchange e.g. opportunities for cooperation between both regions, exchange of good experiences and education policy developments.


Date 05/10/2017 - 06/10/2017
Time 09:00 - 15:00
Location Speicherstadt, Hamburg


DAY 1: ASEM Higher Education enfaces the next decade – Fostering cooperation, strenghtening ties

  • 09:00 – The ASEM Education Process and the role of NA DAAD
  • 09:30 – The ASEM Education Process on the international level: current trends and developments
  • 10:00 – Bridging Europe and Asia through ASEM Higher Education despite the cultural differences?
  • 11:00 – Next steps into the future – parallel workshop sessions and discussion rounds

DAY 2: ASEM TASK FORCE meeting – Restructuring the ASEM Education process

  • 9:15 – Task force Aims: presentation of Terms of References and discussion on possible further actions
  • 10:00 – The Seoul Declaration: presentation of the background and aims of the Seoul Declaration as well as identifying possible synergies with the Task Force Aims
  • 11:00 – Discussion on Finalizing the Task Force goals
  • 13:30 – Finalizing next steps in relation to ASEMME6