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Chapter 1: Higher Education System

Section 1.1: Schematic Description of the Higher Education System

Section 1.2: Description of Higher Education System

Section 1.3: Number of Higher Education Institutions

Section 1.4: Number of Students in Higher Education

Section 1.5: Structure of Academic Year

Section 1.6: National Qualifications Framework (or Similar)

Section 1.7: Learning Outcomes in Higher Education

Section 1.8: Admission Requirements to Higher Education

Section 1.9: Grading System

Section 1.10: Tuition Fee System for International Students

Section 1.11: Graduation Requirements and/or Qualification Awarding Requirements

Section 1.12: Relevant Current and Prospective Reforms in Higher Education


Chapter 2: Quality Assurance in Higher Education

Section 2.1: Quality Assurance Body in Higher Education

Section 2.2: Quality Assurance System


Chapter 3: Credit System in Higher Education

Section 3.1: Description of Credit System

Section 3.2: Credit Transfer System(s)

Section 3.3: Additional Information

Section 3.4: Application of Credit System in Higher Education Institutions Obligatory?

Section 3.5: Number of Credits per Academic Year/Semester

Section 3.6: Number of Credits per Higher Education Cycle

Section 3.7: Description of Credit Unit

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