Intermediate Senior Officials’ Meeting (ISOM) 2022


On 24 and 25 November 2022, ASEM Education Senior Officials and Stakeholders met in St. Julian’s, Malta to attend the Intermediate Senior Officials’ Meeting (ISOM) for the first time since Covid-19. 

The meeting was organised under the theme:

“Implementation of the ASEM Education Strategy and Vision 2030”

Below you will find an overview of the speakers and their presentation topics. Speakers’ presentations can be downloaded by clicking on the speaker’s name.

Download the minutes.

DAY 1 – 24 November

Registration and Welcome Lunch

Official Opening of ISOM 2022

  • Welcome by Hon. Clifton Grima, Minister of Education, Sport, Youth, Research
    and Innovation
  • Welcome by Dr. Rose Anne Cuschieri, Chief Executive Officer, Malta Further
    and Higher Education Authority (MFHEA), Malta
  • Welcome by Mr. Luca Lantero, Head of the ASEM Education Secretariat

Adoption of the agenda

Update from the previous Secretariat (Belgium)

  • This item was presented along with the presentation of the ASEM Education Strategy 2030 (Item 4)

Presentation of the “ASEM Education Strategy 2030” and “ASEM Action Plan”

Link to the supportive document: the ASEM Education Strategy 2030

Link to the supportive document: the ASEM Education Action Plan 2030

Updates from ASEM Members

  • Update from ASEM Countries
  • Update from ASEM Stakeholders

Proposal of the Work Plan 2022-2026

Link to the supportive document: the ASEM Work Plan and Expert Groups 2022-2026

Closing of the day

Formal dinner

DAY 2 – 25 November

Opening of the 2nd day

Keynote Speeches

Parallel Workshops

  • Dr. Adam Liwak, Officer at Mutual Recognition Coordinator and EU Affairs
  • Ms. Reka Tozsa, Acting Director Department, Asia-Europe Foundation, ASEF
  • Ms. Mandy Mifsud, Education Officer Lifelong Learning, Ministry for Education and Employment

Wrap up on Workshops plenary

Link to the final report of Workshop 1

Link to the final report of Workshop 2

Link to the final report of Workshop 3

Work Plan 2022-2026

Looking towards SOM1


Closing remarks