The Italian Presidency of the ASEM Education Secretariat

The Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) Education Secretariat Belgium passes the torch to Italy in July. Both teams worked together to hand-over the tasks of the ASEM Education Secretariat (AES), by discussing lesson learnt from past AES mandates, challenges and priorities ahead of the Italian Secretariat as well as expectations to be made in another crucial quadrennial for interregional cooperation. They key points keep in line with the goal of the AES: “Bridging the Continents – Connecting the People”.

Italy is honored to embrace its role as ASEM Education Secretariat (AES) for the next four years (2022-2026) and to act as a bridge for increasingly closer cooperation between Asia and Europe in the Education sector. Building on the valuable work of the outgoing Belgium Secretariat, Italy is committed to boosting dialogue among ASEM country partners and paving the path to the launch of new mutually enriching initiatives and projects.


Date 01/07/2022
Time All Day